About Us
Global Digital Media is a leading digital service provider. We are a customer focused and service oriented service provider. We provide various professional digital media services to our customers across the world. We been providing digital media services at various capacities since 1996 at various events and services. We understand that each customer has unique expectations and requirements. Our services are catered to meet individual customer need and requirements.

Our family of services includes IT Global Solutions, and Global Live Stream.

We are based in Houston, TX. We provide IT Services, Digital Media Services, Digital Media Live Broadcasting and Live Steaming Services to the corporate and government world. Our service area currently covers the Houston and all other major cities in US, Canada, UK, Middle East and India. Our network includes most major service providers and partners around the world to cater to our customer needs and requirements.

Our Goal
Our Goal is to provide an excellent and professional quality service that meet the unique customer needs and requirements. We thrive to provide courteous, exceptional and outstanding customer service with all our services.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide the best digital media service to our customers within their affordable budget.

We always thrive to provide the best professional and quality service that meet our customer needs above and beyond their expectations.